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39 Days to Skinny: Overview


39 Days to Skinny: Beast mode is “ON” .

Welcome to 39 Days to Skinny.  If you are wondering what it is all about, then please give me a few moments of your time to explain.    Essentially, it’s about clean eating, consistent workouts, group motivation, and integrating optional Advocare products, if you would like that added “boost”.39 days to skinny

The goal of 39 days to skinny is to cut body fat, while preserving muscle.  This will allow you to have a toned and fit physique, rather than just looking “skinny”.  As you may have heard, “healthy is the NEW skinny”.

The product plan and the eating plan are set up in such a way that you will not only look fit and great on the outside, but you will gain amazing energy, fill your nutritional needs (very important), dramatically reduce sugar and fat cravings, and best of all, gain health from the inside out. We believe you will LOVE how you feel and be amazed at the changes your body can make is just 39 days.

It is important that you are connected to our 39 days to skinny Facebook page so that we can keep you motivated as well as in the loop for helpful information that will keep your progress going.
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Food choice suggestions are listed out for you and are very simple.  This is a clean eating plan that consists of “burn days” and “refuel days”.  You will also have some “free” days.  These days to allow yourself to have a “treat” and are during day 14 and 28.  This is a very important part of the program as nutrition is the keystone of weight loss.  You can exercise until exhaustion, but if you are not eating right, then you will not get the results you are looking for. And like anything worth doing, those first few days may seem really hard, but you will then be surprised with how easy it becomes.  I will also be outlining here, as well as some on the Facebook page, some fantastic and delicious recipes that follow the eating plan.  This is NOT a diet.  It is an new eating lifestyle, and once you begin to realize how much better you feel “eating clean”, you will not want to go back to eating predominantly processed foods.
Eating Plan Page 1 (pdf)
Eating Plan Page 2 (pdf)
Note:  The eating plan makes use of various Advocare products.  These are merely suggestions to products which can assist you in meeting your goals, and are not required as part of the 39 days to skinny;  simply substitute a fitting meal or snack of your choice.  If you would like to see recommended products, then click  here [recommended products].


Exercise is very much encouraged during the 39 days to skinny plan.  If you have not been exercising previously, start out with short increments and gradually increase over time.  No matter where you are with exercise, you to want to challenge yourself, but avoid burning out.  If you need help with exercise ideas, I’ll be posting some workouts here as well.


We are here to help you through this process regardless of whether you are using product to enhance your results, or are just eating clean and exercising.  The goal is weight loss and improved health.  That is what we want for you, how ever you want to achieve it.  So again, stay connected with us via email, facebook, and we will also be having a couple “team 39″ calls on August 10th, 24th and Sept. 7th to share results and to help further your progress.

So before beginning, please (and you can keep this just for your own reference – it does not have to be shared) take a picture of how you look now and then take (or have someone help you) measurements of the following areas:

Left and Right Arms
Left and Right Thigh
Left and Right Calf

We will be taking a second measurement on Sept 8th, to hopefully some amazing reductions in those numbers.  So good luck, eat clean, enjoy the 39 days to skinny, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Kim and Darrin Miller




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